Advantages of Computerization

March 3, 2008

Computers in Management we are talking here. Insurance crm software or insurance agency management software  or Insurance SFA Software  or Insurance Lead Management software etcs, are reflecting  use of softwares in management. Level of information handling we talked in our last post. today we are talking remaining part of it and than will talk about Advantages of computerization.

At the clerical level, office and other automation control system can be in operation. Office automation system (OAS) is simple in an automated office having multiple functions, where the integrated and computer-aided system allows many office activities to be performed with electronics equipment. The OAS would inputs such as appointments, documents, addresses, etc. The OAS processing would be scheduling word-processor, data storage and retrieval. Outputs from OAS would be schedules, memoranda, bulk mail and administrative reports.

Advantages of Computerization 

The advantages associated with computer-based managerial decision-making can be the following:

(1) response time is greatly reduced

(2) very large data are stored for information and decision-making

(3) accuracy of information is considerably improved, thereby improving the quality of the decision

(4) problems are handled more easily by using various operation research models

(5) the cost involved in the decision-making process is reduced

(6) more secrecy is observed as compared to manual file system

we continue our talk about Advantages of computerization in next post.

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  1. Hi,
    Your blog on Advantages of Computerization is providing very useful guideline for those who are working in computer field. It is incomparable. Whenever I visit your blogs it is having something new always. The way your updating your articles on Insurance SFA Software .

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